The Return of The Bison: Parabellum

December 11th, 2012

A few months ago we introduced one of/if not our favorite leather brands, Parabellum. Earlier this year staff from Hypebeast were lucky enough to go and meet ex-corporate now rancher Jason Stevens to talk about the history behind the Bison and Parabellum. Having broke free from the rat race of the corporate world Stevens went back to his roots and inspirations from his Grandfathers custom men’s suit making and his fathers antique shop in Hollywood to create one of the paramount leather brands in the world. In the following link they talk about the amazing revival of the Bison after potential extinction and the amazing work of Ranchers such as Jason. Jason then walks us through the steps of how the leather is prepared using old world equipment and techniques and the amount of attention to detail that goes into every item they make, more specifically and our favorite, the Duffle bag.

Winter Boots

March 23rd, 2012

Since the weather has started to cool down I have been dying to get these remarkably sexy boots on my feet. Our good friends from Hermosa Beach have done it again with this Maine Guide boot in buttery Navy Suede. Compared to my Maine Guide boots with the lower profiling I am finding the wear of these boots a hell of a lot more comfortable to start out with. The softness of the leather used both for the body of the shoe and also the tongue helps take your mind off the break in period that the welted Vibram sole requires to become yet again a killer shoe from Yuketen. These will no doubt grace my feet every chance I get this winter and having worn suede Yuk’s before I have no qualm about them holding up in the harshest of weather! Check out some more detailed pics after the jump! +++

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Another Outfit

October 18th, 2011

Dressing for the current climate can be difficult so I like to put a fair amount of thought into what I wear in order to cater for multiple weather patterns. Luckily today the weather stayed true to the forecast and it was perfect blue skies, warm and not too windy! It was expected to hit a nice 26 degrees and even though I am in jeans and a blazer I stayed comfortable through the warmer weather without having to resort to shorts. Noirs new denim are one of the most comfortable jean I have worn due to the pre washed 10.5 oz selvedge Japanese denim and the lightness of the fabric makes them perfect for summer if like myself your not the biggest shorts wearer. On the upper I have gone with a very comfortable and light weight T-Shirt from Japanese brand Militant Pacifist and then the half lined cotton blazer from Monitaly. For more specs on each item and close up shots of the finer details please continue +++

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An Outfit

August 7th, 2011

With the weather being so un-predictable lately it has forced me to layer up and keep my outfits adaptable to change. This particular outfit involves a total of four layers for the upper which consists of a Deluxe x Hanes T, Monitaly Triple Needle Linen Shirt, Monitaly Blazer and the Woods Jacket by On Tour. Down below I'm sporting my trusty Noir denim and then my Yuketen Maine Guide boots which are both starting to mature nicely. I've been tempted to take to my denim with some sand paper and also speed up the wear of the Maine Guides but have resisted the temptation! I am still yet to wash my denim and will post the results of the wash but for now I have taken a few close up shots of the Maine Guides and you will be able to see obvious wear in certain areas since my last post. +++

Yuketen Maine Guide Ox Blood

July 4th, 2011

The Yuketen Maine Guide in the Ox Blood has got to be one of the nicest shoes I have seen and worn ever. The combination of the hand stitched boat shoe inspired upper and the welted Vibram Christy sole unit make for an unbelievably incredible shoe which I am expecting to get decades of wear out of. The leather used for the upper has been made to purposely age with wear, so over time the leather will start to appear particularly worn down in certain stress points of the shoe adding a personal custom look to your pair. My favourite part of this shoe has to be the stitching at the heel of the shoe, this small area of the shoe shows four different panels of the upper coming together to finish the construction. Being my first experience of a Vibram sole I now understand fully Yuki and Ryan’s love for Vibram, I am going to find it extremely hard to wear anything else for the next few months! As I wear these in more I will post more pictures to show the gradual ageing of the upper! I have already had a fairly big night in these so please excuse the few dirt marks on the following photos! Enjoy +++

Triple Denim Wear Test

June 27th, 2011

As much as people love to hate it, denim on denim is a style/trend/statement that has been around for decades! Recently though, to some peoples disgust, denim on denim has been making a come back on the fashion side of things. Most people remember the denim on denim 'trend' to be something that belongs in the 80's or in Billy Joel's wardrobe. Like most trends though it's come back around and I for one am taking full advantage! A new outfit I put together with help from french label Bleu De Paname and local Noir consists of triple denim, not double, triple! To start, I've got my Noir 15.5 ounce Selvedge denim which I've had for about 7 months now but only get proper wear on the weekends and are finally starting to show me some results. And then for the top I have a combo of Bleu De Paname with the 6oz Chemise Pantruche Shirt and my favorite, the 13oz Comptoir Denim Jacket. For a few more detailed pics and words please continue on.

Introducing Colour! Get use to it!

June 22nd, 2011

Now, I know the thought of colour will offend some people, but! Judging on what has been going on at the trade shows over in Europe bright colours are coming strong! Along with all over prints and crazy patterns. I personally love wearing black, grey, navy etc but usually have to have one stand out piece of colour ie my red suede Yuketen Bluchers or Yellow Norse Projects x Elka raincoat, hence why I am a little excitied about the following pictures. For me the stand out collections were two of my past favourites Missoni and Monitaly who had some amazing/ridiculously cool pieces, for example the Missoni x Converse Auckland Racer and the Monitaly blazers. To see more of what I am on about keep on reading! And wear some colour! +++

Sigurd Larsen 'The Shrine'

June 14th, 2011

'The Shrine' designed by architect and furniture designer Sigurd Larsen is a hub of drawer's accessible only by individual keys which resemble the keys you would find in an old music box. The different compartments have been designed to lock away 'typical' accessories and gadgets, for example, jewellery, makeup, records, headphones and even an LP player! Anything you don't want certain people to know you have or want to find you could easily find somewhere to hide it in your 'Shrine,' just don't loose it! All of Larsen's work is worth checking out here on his website! +++


Memories of Interest

June 6th, 2011

Since I was fairly young I was always looking for ways to trick my sibblings (all 5 of them) whether it be actual pranks or the more common, getting more of something with them thinking that they were getting the same. My main interest/trick was with glasses, useing different shapes and sizes which would look like they held less but in fact could hold more!!! These glasses would have really confused me, all made to hold the same amount of liquid. I'm not sure if it says something about me now, considering it still excites me a little, but these are a nice design nevertheless.

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Pharrell Williams x Berengo Studio x Glasstress

June 6th, 2011

I have kept an eye on the progression of Pharrell's 'Inside Out' project since a few photos were posted about a month ago. The craftsmanship and skill from the glass masters is ridiculous, Pharrell collaborated with Berengio Studio who hand blew every piece of the angels which was one of my main interests. Although this was physically made by the glass masters at Berengio Studio, you have to appreciate the whole concept and idea which was Pharrell's, you know it's an artwork when you can observe and think of numerous different meanings behind the work before reading the artists blurb and finding the proposed meaning. To view more in depth photo's of the two sculptures and then read Pharrell's explanation of the artwork follow the link below.

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