The Hermosa derives its name from the coastal Southern California town that Yuketen calls home, where designer Yuki Matsuda first touched sand following his arrival from Japan close to three decades ago. Evoking the youthful, relaxed exhalation that is both the attitude of this beach community today and which delivered the cooled vibrato of Jazz to the local pier during 1960s, the Hermosa sneaker is made from soft, breathable suede, rendered in a slender, deck-shoe silhouette and offered in a palette of muted spring colors.
Yuketen’s first sneaker design to be made in Italy, the Hermosa is constructed from 100% Italian components by artisanal Italian shoemakers. Thick and supple Italian suede comprises the upper, allowing conformity to the wearer’s foot, while leather lining of the upper and a full-grain leather, overlaid, memory-foam-cushion insole makes the Hermosa perfect for sockless promenading along the beach front. This sophisticated insole component promotes stability and impact-absorption.

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